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Feel my Force

That McGregor/Christensen thing

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Ewan and Hayden, Obi-Wan and Anakin. YUM.
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This community is for everything Ewan/Hayden (and Obi-Wan/Anakin)-related. Yes, slash-wise.

Again: both RPS and FPS are welcome here!

The Rules for playing here. Read *before* posting, thanks.

Please DO NOT disable comments when you post here. Reasons why.


Plot Bunny Master Thread

Beta Readers

Master List of Info Links

November Challenge: Chaos

Buttons to pimp/for affiliates etc, made by some of our talented and lovely members:

by arthael
by rosi
by slyprentice
by vanillaskin
by Jen, webmistress of DH.net

Please save and upload these yourself, don't hotlink, thanks.
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Affiliates - stop by:

christensen_fix - picture community dedicated to the Christensen brothers
DesiringHayden.net - the biggest and best Hayden fansite
Eccentricity Online - Awesome Ewan fansite
ewan_playground - wonderful Ewan pic community with weekly themes and more
ewan_stillness - an icontest challenge community for non-animated icons featuring Ewan McGregor
ewanphoria - for everything Ewan
haydencons - for all your Hayden icon needs
haydensex - who wouldn't want it?
island_sex - the only place where Ewan/Ewan is even feasible
mark_harrison - Mark/Harrison and Luke/Han slash
Pals - Hayden/Ewan fanlisting
starwars_slash - for all your slashy Star Wars needs
vigorleancult - all ViggOrli, all the time

aniobistills - Anakin/Obiwan Icontest
briancurt - Brian/Curt shippers
christensencest - Tove/Hayden Brothercest
e_h_icontest - Ewan/Hayden icon challenges
hayden_c_daily - all Hayden, every day
hay_ew Hayden and/or Ewan, everything goes
hires_hayden - Hayden in high resolution
jedi_news - Star Wars daily newsletter
note_to_jedi - hilarious times ten
starnet - Star Wars daily newsletter
starwarsbetas - A place to offer and get beta services for SW fics, both FPS and RPS
sw_slash - Star Wars, the slashy way
swfandomdaily - daily SW news from outside LJ
velvet_goldmine - Perfect & Poisonous - all that glitters

Force Haven - an Obi-Wan/Anakin archive, YUM!
Obi_and_Ani yahoo group - fics of our hot Jedi duo

Wanna affiliate? Contact me (eMail: lennongirl[at]gmail[dot]com, or randomly at one of my posts) so we can check if we fit ;)

That's all, more might be added later, so please check back. For now, enjoy and keep it coming. And spread the word ;)

Cheers, Admin/Mod lennongirl lennongirl[at]gmail[dot]com

Co Mods:
londinensa londinensa[at]livejournal[dot]com
eirien_rhovan eirien.rhovan[at]gmail[dot]com

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