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SW Fic "Pregnancy"
Anakin from LoE
sakurafromjapan wrote in ewan_hayden

Title: Pregnancy

Author: sakurafromjapan

Rating: Strong R

Pairing: Anakin / Obi-Wan  : )

Genre & Warning: Slash, Humour, , PWP, Mpreg + This fic is embarrassingly short.  : P

Disclaimer: SW is George Lucas’s creation. This fic is mine but I have no intention of making money writing this.

Timeline: Pre-AotC

Summary: Anakin and Obi-Wan are sitting on a living room rug in their quarters discussing something important.
This fic was inspired by "Three AM" written by this very talented Vee017. Actually, I wrote this fic, wishing this could be "Pre-Three AM" story. I'm thinking of writing another Mpreg fic that could pass for "Post-Three AM" story, in which things will eventually be back to normal so this whole story could be kind of believable ( ? ). 
The link to the sequel to this fic.  ->


* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *


”Master, I think I’m pregnant.”


”You’re . . . . what ?”


”I said I’m pregnant.”


I thought he was just joking so I said . . . .


“Uh-huh, and who’s its father.”




I frowned at him.


“Who else could it be ?”


“It could be anyone.”


This time Anakin frowned at me.


I sighed, and looked up at him.


“What makes you think that . . . . you’re pregnant, Anakin ?”


“This . . . . “ said Anakin, pulling off his shirt, revealing his swollen stomach.


I stared at his slightly but noticeably swollen abdomen open-mouthed, eyes wide open.


“How . . . .”


“I don’t know.”


“When . . . .”


“This morning.”


“What . . . .”


“Maybe you put a little too much sperm in me last night.”


I frowned at him again but noticed he wasn’t looking at me at all. Instead, he was looking down at the living room carpet, crying and sobbing occasionally.


I swallowed.


“Anakin . . . . let me take you to the healers.” I was sure my tone was kind enough but . . . .


“No !!” Anakin shouted, horrified. I flinched.


“You must have caught some sort of disease . . . .”


“Disease !?!?” Anakin sounded both hurt and astonished. With a hint of disbelief, he said, “How could you even say that !?”


I must have hurt his feelings.


Anakin started crying all over again. Pregnant ones tend to get edgy, short-tempered and very emotional, it seems.


I stood up and started pacing around the living room. I needed to think.


Did Anakin eat or drink something funny yesterday ?

Something that has a chemical that lingers in a human’s system ?

Was he drugged ?


Drugged ?


No. We just drank. We drank a lot of good Corellian beer at the bar last night.

We got back to our quarters, heavily drunk. We made love. In fact, we made love so many times last night we lost count in the end. We just went on and on. We couldn’t stop.

I didn’t even stop fucking him until I was completely spent and could not move anymore and Anakin passed out.


Then a thought came to me . . . .


Didn’t one of those aliens from some unknown planet pass Anakin his drink at the bar last night ??


That must be it.


“You don’t love me anymore – !!”


I couldn’t stand it.


This certainly wasn’t the Anakin I used to know.


Anakin had been ignored for the past several minutes so he finally stopped crying and looked up at me, still sniffling.

Force . . . . those beautiful blue eyes filled with tears, long eye lashes, pouty lips, slightly trembling . . . .

I go wild for those kissable, red, puffy, pouty lips as it looks as if he’s always sexually up for it . . . .


He was beautiful, looking really fuckable.


“Anakin . . . . I . . . . I love you, no matter what.”


Then we made love.




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But he is always sexually up for it....there's nothing else to say about Anakin*____*.
Short, but very funny, love, with a hint of sex in the last part that made me shiver.

Thanks for sharing, Sakura, kisss from Rome!!!!

Yes, it's REALLY short, isn't it ? *blushes*
I was wondering, you know . . . if it should have been rated "NC-17" but then I noticed that Anakin and Obi-Wan in this didn't really have s*x in front us, the readers, the fangirls so . . . I thought "Strong R" should do.

Arigatoh for reading my fic ! Tons of kisses from Kobe, Japan ! : )

aww cute fic!!

do you have the link to the "Three AM" fic you mentioned? coz i dont think i have read that one

Arigatoh ( Thank you ) for saying this fic is cute ! X )
But it IS really short, yes ? *smiles sheepishly*
Well, the link to the "Three AM" ? Sure !
Er . . . just a minute . . . *rustles* hmm . . . *types in the title on FanFiction.Net* Ah ! Here it is ! ->

I hope you'll enjoy reading the fic shown above, too !

*hugs and bows*

hehe thanks for the link!! i did enjoy it :) ive never been on that one before! i'll have to go explore it :D

Doh-itashi Mashite ( You're welcome ). : ) is a great place to find great fics that contain various kinds of themes like het, gen, slash, mpreg, angst, romance, drama, humour, etc., etc.
Tano Shinde-ne ( Enjoy ) ! ; )

Yes i've read a few more of the fics, it really is a great site :)

“Maybe you put a little too much sperm in me last night.”


I really loved that part. A lot. Cute fic.

Cute fic ? Arigatoh ( Thank you ) ~ ! : )

Hmm . . . you know, when I write slashy fics, I force myself to forget ALL about being embarrassed, getting nervous or even blushing. X )

"Maybe you put a little too much spe*m in me last night." ?

You loved this part ? *blushes*
If I said this line outside the world of fanfics or anywhere else in public, I would just shout "Hole of shame ! Swallow me now ! " *laughs*

I'm laughing at the "hole of shame" and wondering if there is anything that Anakin canNOT do in his capacity as the Chosen One. He seems able to conceive in this fic, and I hope you continue the premise.

Sure ~, I was just about to post the sequel to this fic. : )
I used to be less interested in Mpreg fics, yes, I even avoided reading them.
But then after I read some good Mpreg fics on FanFiction.Net and WWW.MasterApprentice.Org, I got to like them. *meeps*

As for "hole of shame", I've NEVER heard my friends use this expression although I HAVE seen it mentioned in the magazine. Is is one of those out-of-date expressions, I wonder ??

Arigatoh for being here on LJ with me again. : ) *bows*

Which magazine is that? It's a funny expression, whatever the source.

"Hole of shame, swallow me now !" was often mentioned in SUGAR which is one of the Britain's best-selling girls' magazines when some readers told their own embarrassing stories on the first few pages. : )


*grin* I like your Obi-Wan! Now I have to rush to the sequel!! :-)

Even "I" think this is one of the funniest fics I have ever written !! X )

It IS "fun" to watch this kind of boggled Obi-Wan who has no idea how to deal with ( Anakin's ) problems. ; )

Yes, you must dash ! *laughs* The sequel's waiting for you !

You know, I think most of the mpreg fanfics I've seen make Obi-Wan the one who's pregnant, so it's nice to see it's Anakin's turn, for once. (Especially since, logically, since he's the one with all those extra midichlorians and Force-strength, it ought to be good for something, like screwing with his body chemistry enough to allow him to become pregnant.)

Maybe this one should have been called "a drabble" and not a fic since it is extremely short ?

Un(Yeah) . . . *grins* this high midi-chlorian count of Anakin's will make ANYTHING possible inside his body, I think. *cackles*

Arigatoh for reading this Mpreg fic which I'm sure is not for everyone. :) *bows*

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